Importance Of Professional Computer Networks


Nowadays every business must have a computer, no matter what kind or line they are based in be it production or exporting items. However, in order for these computers to work efficiently in achieving the required goals they must be connected via a network. It is through this network where employees shares files in an easy way to each other and through the same network the computers are able to be connected to an internet. Therefore, no matter the reason a business might make them need a computer, they must have dependable computer network professions in hand to offer them services related to computer networking and troubleshooting them when need arises. The following are reasons why it important to have professional network services:

Chicago Computer Server

The first and foremost reason as to why it is important to have professional network services is the network file system email which is an essential when it comes to creating a local computer network. More so, adding a server and connecting that server to other computers within your company is another very crucial service that is simply vital in regard. Looking for professional server services?  Get server support Chicago today!

Another reason as to why network services from a profession are a crucial, a company usually will need some services including time services, wireless networking as well as instant messaging. Coming up with a wireless network in a company setting might be very hard for someone who is not a network profession, which makes it very important to have a profession who will help you to configure it for you.

More so creating a file server for a company is another task that needs a network profession to do it for you. It is through it that people can have access to files and other documents within the company a lot faster and easier, which us very crucial when it comes to the entire company productivity. Another point as to why a network profession is important is printing in any business set up. Printers must be able to receive commands from different interconnected computers in a network failure to which might make it impossible for the business activities to be executed as usual. A profession will ensure that printers are connected in a professional manner for on-time printing of sent documents and files from computers within the organization.

Finally, accessing good networking services from a profession in Chicago will give you a wide range of benefits some of which cannot be simply ignored. From better connectivity to having a wireless connection, sharing of files efficiently and so on. For professional IT, network, and server services in Chicago visit

10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Laptop


Your Laptop is a vital part of your life whether you use it for work, play or both, it needs to be running at the top of its game so that it’s ready when you need it Taking good care of your laptop will help extend its life and keep it running at the top of its game. Follow these 10 tips to learn how to take care your Laptop.

1. Prevent Accidents to Begin With Avoid Liquids and Foods Electronics and Liquids don’t mix. Keep your liquids away from your Laptop and it will live a long dry life! Crumbs from food can fall between the keys of the keyboard or through speaker holes if they are located on the top surface of your laptop.

2. Keep the Lid Shut When Not Using It Keeping the lid shut will help protect the screen from damage and dust

3. When the Laptop is Plugged in Always Use a Surge Protector This will prevent your laptop from getting a surge of electricity in the event of a storm. A good surge protector also prevents your laptop from being damaged by lesser known “Brownouts”. A brownout is when the voltage from a power supply drops below the normal amount. Typically it is a very small amount, but the small amounts are what damage equipment. A good surge protector will be able to pull the voltage up, thereby preventing your laptop from being damaged.

4. Always Carry Laptop by the Bottom Rather than the Screen The screen is not designed to support the heavy base, always move the laptop by the base, only pulling on the screen to adjust for viewing.

5. Never Force Accessories into Portfolio it isn’t going in, you either have the wrong port or your USB cord is upside down.

6. Never let a CD Tray Remain Ejected You run the risk of snapping it off if you allow it to remain ejected. Always push it in until you hear the click that indicates it is in the locked position.

7. If it is Too Hot/Cold for You, it is Too Hot/Cold for Your Laptop Never expose your laptop to extreme temperatures or rapid changes in temperature. These are not good for the parts inside that may become damaged if they expand or contract.

8. NEVER Leave Your Laptop in Your Car!This goes with the previous tip, your car gets extremely hot in the day time during the summer, and super cold during the winter. Always take your laptop with you, never leave it in your vehicle.

9. Use Compressed Air for Cleaning Use compressed air to keep the keys of your keyboard free of debris. You can also use it to keep the grid openings clear on the underside where your laptop fan is Avoid spraying air directly into these openings however, as this can cause dust to be shot back into the computer to cause more trouble for the fragile parts inside.

10. Always Use Anti-Virus Software Having a healthy computer doesn’t just mean maintaining the hardware. It also means taking care of the software portion as well Always have antivirus software installed to prevent viruses from doing harm to your computer. Some can cause it to shut down, others corrupt important areas like the Registry or the Boot Sector. It is also just as important to keep your personal information safe from people who would do wrong with it, which is another reason to make sure you have antivirus software installed on your computer. Following these tips will help ensure that your Laptop will last as long as possible, and will help minimize as many issues that you may run into.

7 fire-sure ways to speed up your internet


Slow Internet means productive time wasted. Whichever your Internet needs are you need them delivered fast. Nonetheless, sometime you experience slow connections. Don’t panic! We got you With these tried and tested tips you will have your Internet speed up in no time

  1. Reposition the router.

Before trying anything it’s good to test whether the position of the modem or router is in place. Sometime the network may fail in a certain room or angle and do very well on another. By tweaking and moving the connection device you will have a good idea whether the position of the device has anything to do with the slow connection. Straightening bent and twisted cables can also increase the speed of your Internet connection. If that does not work, try the device on a different computer as the problem maybe the latter. Additionally, put off all other connection devices as they may slow your Internet connection.

  1. Reboot the router or modem

The same way you reboot your computer to solve small difficulties, also rebooting a connection device can solve a slow Internet connection. Most Internet service providers give booting instructions for their specific modems and routers, otherwise the instructions may be found on Google.

  1. Switch to a better browser

It’s a fact some browsers are faster than others, before I started using Firefox for on laptop I used Internet explorer. That change made a significant difference to speed up my Internet connection. While this may not always be true on all computers due to the different configurations, it’s wise to try different browsers to determine which one offers the best Internet speed. For instance, chrome functions more effectively on a low R.A.M computer as compared to Firefox which requires more memory. 4. Clear Internet hogging apps

Applications that use your bandwidth in the background without necessarily being productive needs to stop. Some apps such as “windows live messenger”, “adobe reader updates”, “Skype” among others share the Internet. Thus may cause a slow connection. These applications often start automatically without your knowledge and maybe you have never taken note of them. Configure these apps to start only when prompted.

  1. Upgrade the router

Do a research on the most sophisticated connection devices. For example, a router with a quality of service technology (Qom) will speed up your internet manifold. The Qom routers can be configured to send the bandwidth to machines that mostly need it thus avoiding bottle-necking the system.

  1. maintain your computer/s

Keep your computer in good shape to achieve higher Internet speeds, try performing simple regular maintenance practices. One such task is cleaning the disk, def-ragging among others.

  1. Contact the service provider

Finally make a call to your service provider and check whether everything is okay. Also inquire on any changes or upgrades you may need to know about, that can aid you to speed up your Internet.

We hope you find these tips both practical and helpful and we wish that all goes well Hope to get your feedback for an even faster connection in the future.